Welcome to Odessa

February 21 2019

Odessa is quite a young city with a great history. In 1794, by order of the Great Empress Catherine II, the construction of the port was started.Since the city was built as a merchant, a lot of people from all over the empire flowed here, and therefore a lot of nationalities gathered, hence the rich history of the city. Here lived the French, who by the way made a lot of effort to build our city, Italians, Greeks, Jews, Moldovans, Romanians, Turks and many other nations.

Odessa has an absolutely unique architecture that combines many styles from Gothic and Baroque to post-modern, nowadays most of the apartment buildings in the historic center of the city are protected by UNESCO. By the way, all the old buildings were built of stone, which was mined directly from the bowels of the city, this was how the voids appeared, which later became known as the catacombs and during the Great Patriotic War served as a shelter for the Odessa partisan detachments.

You can talk and read about the history and greatness of this city for hours, but it is better to come and see everything with your own eyes.

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