The Port, Odessa Ukraine

June 24 2019

The Odessa port or, as it is often called the Sea Station, can rightly be called the starting point in the construction of our city.

The history of the port begins on the same day as the history of Odessa itself – September 2, the day when the first two piles for future jetties were hammered, the day from which the countdown of the existence of the port and the city begins. The port of Odessa can rightfully be called the largest port for trade in the Russian Empire. He could also accept not only merchant ships, but also military ships that brought the military to various exercises and activities related to naval defense.

Today, the port carries out not only trade and military functions, on its territory there are observation platforms from which you can see the entire harbor, restaurants and even the large summer theater, there is also an oceanarium. The most popular among tourists are pleasure boats, which you can ride along the entire coast.

If you want to look at Odessa from the other side (from sea to shore), do not forget to take an evening promenade to our Marine Station, from where the city will sparkle with completely different colors.

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