The Arcadia, Odessa Ukraine

May 18 2019

One of the most interesting places for holidaymakers in Odessa is Arcadia.

Here are the best nightclubs of the city, excellent restaurants with the most varied cuisine, water park, attractions and, of course, picturesque beaches, which offer views of the beautiful area of ​​the city. Arcadia is the official tourist center almost from the moment of the foundation of Odessa and its location is not accidental, because most of the descents to the city’s beaches are steep and you can only get by steep long stairs, and here nature tried and gave us a gentle descent, thereby causing love to Odessa residents and visitors to this location for rest.

Here everyone will find entertainment: young people, families with children and even grandparents. This is a universal recreation area for all generations, so if you plan to visit Odessa, Arcadia must be one of the places that you need to visit, because if you were not in Arcadia – you were not in Odessa!

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