Relax Odessa – Best Places for Relaxation in Odessa Ukraine

November 24 2019

Located on the Black Sea shore, Odessa is regarded as Ukraine’s summer capital and is the third-largest city. Founded in 1794, this charming city is relatively young as compared to Lviv and Kyiv, but it attracts travelers from all over the world. This is primarily due to the great number of cultural and architectural monuments, delicious cuisine and the warm Black Sea. You will experience an atmosphere of joy and happiness in this city, which makes Odessa a wonderful place to relax when you need a restful vacation (Book Your Vacation Now). If you are wondering about the best places for relaxation in Odessa, here are some of the top options you should explore, including the top-rated Odessa Massage, SPA and Saunas:


Relaxation Tour Deals and TravelPackages With Odessa4U

Black Sea Resort – For true lovers of Sea Sun and Sand! Travel to the Black Sea and enjoy a variety of activities: Extreme sports, Yacht cruises, Beach parties, etc.

Family Holidays – Explore Odessa as a Family – Travel to unique places and enjoy diverse activities such as Historical structures, Top restaurants, Extreme sports, Amusement parks, etc.

Stag-Party – A celebration for men! If it’s the last day of your single life Odessa can offer you many creative ways to celebrate this day – Fancy cars, Villas, Yachts, Limousines, Top restaurants, etc.

Relax Odessa – Spa and Relaxation Centers

SPA Bristol

This is the SPA of Hotel Bristol, but the good news is that you don’t have to be a guest of the hotel in order to visit their spas and saunas. You can enjoy the dry Finnish sauna that maintains a temperature of 85°C or you can also take advantage of hammams that have a steam temperature of 45°C. If you are looking to work out a bit, you will also find a Fitness Zone that has been divided into two areas for gym and cardio. The cardio zone gives you access to bike trains, 2 orbitreks, and 3 treadmills. One of the most impressive parts is the swimming pool, which has a depth of 1.8 meters. There is an outdoor terrace that lets you enjoy some breathtaking views of Odessa.


Ramsez Sauna Club

For relax Odessa, another great place that you can explore is the Ramsez Sauna Club, which is a unique place for taking a steam bath. You can enjoy a taste of external and local culture as the décor of the club is ancient Egyptian. Moreover, they offer you three different types of steam baths to choose from, which are Finnish saunas, traditional Russian banya, and Roman steam bath. There are a total of 4 halls in the club out of which 2 are small-sized, one is big and one is medium in terms of size. Each of these halls is equipped with DVD, lounges, karaoke, plasma TV and billiards. One of the best things about the club is that it also offers you massage services. In fact, you can enjoy a spa bath with hydromassage. It is a wonderful place for relaxing with family or having a good time with friends.


If you are interested in visiting the largest waterpark in Southern Ukraine, Aquapark ‘ Odesa’ is where you need to go. There are more than 20 different slides that can be found in the park, which are divided into three categories; for kinds, regular and extreme ones. There is an artificial river, a sand beach, VIP sector, a fish spa, 5 hydromassage zones, a wave pool and many other things to explore in this excellent aquapark. If you enjoy waterparks and you truly want to relax Odessa, this is the top spot to visit as it is only a half an hour drive from the city.


One of the most popular resorts that you will find in the city of Odessa is Arcadia, which comprises private and beautiful beaches. This place has solely been created for people to have fun and relax Odessa. There are plenty of fast food, restaurants, night clubs and shops spread out over the territory that you can check out. You can also visit the waterpark on the beach or visit the sunbed for some relaxing time to yourself.



Another excellent spot that you can visit in Odessa is Biopark, which is a modern zoo. This place allows you to enjoy a firsthand look at numerous exotic animals, observe their unique behavior and learn about their characteristics and features. You can actually find some rare animal species in this park, which include Bengal and Amur tigers, polar wolves white lions and leopards. The park also gives you and your family the opportunity to see macaw monkeys, kangaroos, giant turtles, lemurs, meerkats, Ussurian bears, funny nosuhs, mixed raccoons and also trained giraffes. You can not only take pictures with them but also pet them.

Langeron Beach

The fact that Odessa is located on the shore of the Black Sea means that you can enjoy some picturesque beaches when you visit the city. After all, the best activities to relax Odessa is to check out these beautiful beaches. One of the most stunning beaches that you will find is the Langeron beach, which is quite popular amongst tourists and locals alike. This beach was named after the Governor-General of Russia, Count Alexander Langeron, as he had a summer residence in the city. You can go for a walk with the entire family or have a nice dinner at one of the restaurants that overlook the sea. There is also an entire square of fountains where kids and can play and you can take some very memorable pictures.



One of the most famous sights of Odessa is none other than the dolphinarium ‘Nemo’. An exciting show program that involves the participation of sea lions and dolphins, a spacious area with a number of fountains and modern architecture make it a must-visit for everyone. There are some unforgettable performances conducted every day and there are romantic programs that are also conducted at night. On the same territory as the Dolphinarium, you will also come across an aquarium where you can get to know some alluring freshwater and oceanic animals. However, the most appealing part is that Nemo actually allows you to swim with the dolphins, undergo a course of dolphin therapy and even go diving with them. Wouldn’t that be a great experience?

When you are taking a trip to Odessa, Ukraine and want to relax Odessa, these are some of the activities and places that you don’t want to miss out on. They will let you have some memorable and fun moments with family and friends that you will remember for a long time.


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