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Odessa4U has achieved levels of success over the past seasons.
We are offering for a successful company to partner with us, that has an understanding and appreciation of how the intensity of tourism work and the effects it ampliyes on people. We looking for quality and work ethic in our partners.We invite you to join in our mission to show Odessa to the world.

To our suppliers, such as hotels/clubs/institutions, we give a possibility to receive a wide exposure of their product on international markets of leisure and business.We propose various ways of cooperation not only by representing them in our international tour system but also via social media, ads and websites.

As a partner of Odessa4U you will be a part of the next generation of tourism system. With a new developed platform system operator, we offer full range of services including accommodation, team-building and entertainment programs, sightseeing, flight tickets, transportation, etc. If you are an event organizer/tour agent/hotel owner/club owner or any touristic institute, you are welcome to see our company profile in the sections “About Us”.

We look forward to a partnership/sponsorship with your company.


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