Opera House in Odessa Ukraine

March 3 2019

Odessa Opera House is the pearl of Odessa Ukraine, which is located in the center and it’s practically the most beautiful architectural monument. The history of the theater begins back in 1810, when the first building was built, which unfortunately burned down.

After that, in 1887, architects Fellner and Gelmer designed and built a new theater building, in the form in which we know it and love it today. The theater is built in the style of the new Viennese Baroque. Its grandeur and beauty are compared with world-famous operas such as Vienna, Salzburg and Dresden. The greatest talents of the whole world performed on its stage, many film directors and writers admired its greatness in their works.

The interior of the theater used more than nine kilograms of gold leaf. The exterior is no less beautiful: the theater square is decorated with a magnificent fountain and many flowers and trees. People go to the theater not only for performances and ballet, but they can also go there for an excursion and photo shoot.

So you must attend at least one of these events when you arrive and enjoy the aesthetic beauty of our picturesque Odessa.

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