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Weather in Odessa Ukraine

Everything You Need to Know about the Weather in Odessa Ukraine

One of the most popular cities in Ukraine is Odessa, which boasts a charming atmosphere and unforgettable color. Located in the south of Ukraine, it is regarded as a beautiful resort city and sometimes, it is also referred to as the capital of culture and humor. Odessa attracts a huge number of tourists every year because of its beaches, night life and beautiful aesthetics. Its summer festivals and food are also some prominent reasons why people come to the city regularly. But, before you plan your trip to Odessa, it is best to know about the kind of weather it experiences so you can choose the perfect time to visit.

Odessa Ukraine Weather

Odessa Weather Summary – The summers are mostly clear and warm and the winters tend to be very dry, windy cold and partly cloudy. The temperature in the city varies over the year, usually from 24°F (-4.5°C) to 84°F (29°C), and it is very rare for the temperature to go below 8°F (-13°C) or higher than 92°F (33°C). Let’s take a close look at the different elements that can have an impact on Odessa’s weather:

Odessa Temperature – In Odessa, the warm season lasts for about 3.3 months, starting from May 31st and lasts till September 8th. The average daily high temperature during these months is 74°F (23°C). July 30th is the hottest day of the year in Odessa and the average high temperature on this day is 84°F (29°C) and lowest is 64°F (18°C). The cold season in the city goes on for about 3.8 months, beginning with November 22nd and going on till March 15th. During the season, the average high daily temperature is about 44°F (6.5°C). February 3rd is the coldest day of the year and the average high temperature on this day is 35°F (1.5°C) and lowest is 24°F (-4.5°C).

Odessa Clouds – During the course of the year, the average percentage of the sky that’s covered by the clouds in Odessa experiences considerable seasonal variation. The clearer part in the city lasts for 4.4 months, starting around May 20th and ending around October 1st. The clearest day of the year is August 2nd on which the sky is mostly clear or partly cloudy, at least 83% of the time. The cloudier part of the year starts at October 1st and goes on for about 7.6 months, so it ends around May 20th. The cloudiest day of the year is January 16th on which the sky is mostly cloudy or overcast 62% of the time and partly cloudy or mostly clear 38% of the time.

Odessa Precipitation – When it comes to wet days, Odessa doesn’t really see much variation in their frequency. The frequency is somewhere between 11% and 21% and the average value is around 14%. The most common form of precipitation is rain.

Odessa Rainfall – In terms of monthly rainfall, there is some seasonal variation in Odessa. One thing you should note is that the experiences rainfall throughout the year. The most rain can be seen during the 31 days around 21st June, when the accumulation is around 1.4 inches. The least amount of rainfall occurs around 31st January, when the accumulation is around 0.5 inches.

Odessa Snowfall – The snowfall in Odessa is measured in liquid-equivalent terms. The actual depth is typically 5 to 10 times of the liquid-equivalent. The snowfall period is usually 4.2 months long, beginning from November 18th and lasting till March 24th. The highest amount of snowfall is centered around 25th January. The accumulation on average is 0.4 inches. The snowless period in Odessa is 7.8 months long, beginning from March 24th to November 18th.

Odessa Sun – During the course of the year, the length of day varies significantly in Odessa. The shortest day is December 22nd, which gets daylight for about 8 hours and 35 minutes and the longest day is June 21st, which gets daylight for about 15 hours and 49 minutes.

Odessa Humidity – When it comes to humidity, there is some seasonal variation here as well. The muggier period of the year is about 3.1 months, starting from June 7th and lasting till September 12th. The comfort level is oppressive, muggy or miserable. July 24th is the muggiest day of the year whereas the least muggy day of the year is February 28th.

Odessa Wind – The hourly wind speed in Odessa will also depend on the season. The windier season of the year is about 6.5 months long, starting from September 25th and lasting for as long as April 10th. The average wind speeds during this time are 10.7 miles per hour. February 4th is the windiest day of the year when the average hourly wind speed is 12.5 miles per hour. The calmer part of the year is 5.5 months long, beginning from April 10th and lasting till September 25th. August 3rd is the calmest day of the year and the hourly wind on average is 8.9 miles per hour.

For 2.2 months, the wind most often comes from the south, beginning from March 28th to 3rd June. For the remaining 9.8 months, the wind mostly comes from the north, beginning from June 3rd to March 28th.

Odessa Water Temperature – Since Odessa is renowned for its beaches, everyone knows that the city is located near a body of water. For 3.2 months, the water is warmer, beginning from June 11th to September 16th, and the temperature is usually above 67°F. August 5th is the day of the year when the water is warmest and the average temperature is 75°F. As for cooler water, the time period is 3.9 months long, starting from December 13th and ending on April 11th. February 17th is the day of the year when water is coolest, with the average temperature being 39°F.

If you are planning to travel to Odessa for outdoor activities and are checking about Odessa Ukraine weather for this, the best time to visit the city is during clear and rainless days, which begin from late May and last till mid-September. Those who wish to go to Odessa for the beach and hot weather activities should opt from anywhere between early July and mid-August as this is the ideal time to enjoy the water.

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