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Great Reasons to Visit Odessa Through Odessa4U Travel Agency

One of the most popular cities in Ukraine is Odessa, which is often referred to as the pearl of the Black Sea. Visiting Odessa at least once in your life is definitely a good idea because you get the chance to enjoy its beautiful and unforgettable colors and feel the charming atmosphere it has to offer. Not only is Odessa a breathtaking resort city located in the South of Ukraine, but it is also the capital of culture and humor. If you are wondering whether to visit Odessa or not, here are some great reasons why it should be on your list:

  • Sea

The first thing that comes to mind when Odessa is mentioned is the sea. The black sea coast of Odessa is picturesque and attractive in every season. However, the best time to visit the sea is probably in the summer where you can go to the shore for enjoying the warm sand and salty waves. But, if you visit in winter or autumn, you can still have a very romantic and inspiring adventure. The salty air blowing by the Black Sea will calm your mind and boost your health. You can visit some of the best beaches in Odessa, such as Arcadia, Langeron or Zolotiy Bereg. The relaxing sound of the gulls and sea waves can make you feel at peace. Spending your time by the sea is definitely one of the top reasons to visit Odessa.

  • Local cuisine

Odessa cuisine is also something that deserves attention because it combines the culinary traditions of different national cuisines, such as Russian, Georgian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Jewish, Greek, Moldavian, Uzbek and Armenian. This doesn’t mean that Odessa doesn’t have its own authentic and unique flavor. Since it is a seaside city, Odessa is renowned for its delicious and mouthwatering dishes based on seafood. A popular option that you can consider for dinner is Gelfite fish, which is made of different kinds of fish, such as carp, pike, pikeperch and mullet. Goby and fried Black Sea flounder are also worth trying. There are some other Odessa meals with seafood that can be explored like Black Sea sprat rissole and forshmak or pilaf with mussels. If you want beer snacks, small boiled shrimps are a great choice. The Odessa eggplant hummus is a side dish you can try.

  • Sophisticated architecture

The beautiful architecture in the center of the city will steal your heart right away. The views of the old building are downright spectacular and you walk around for hours around the city while taking them in. The architectural ensemble in Odessa is represented by different styles like Empire, Neo-Gothic, Constructionism, Neo-Baroque, Classicism, Neo-Classicism, Modern and Post-Modernism. Because of the city’s multi-nationality, the architecture that you find on religious buildings is primarily influenced by Byzantine and Greek traditions. As far as the residential buildings are concerned, their façade compositions showcase some elements that are typical of Armenian, French and Italian architecture. There are a huge number of fascinating buildings that you can explore in Odessa, such as mansion of count Tolstoy, Philharmonic Hall, Opera, Passage and House with Atlants amongst others.

  • Courtyards in Odessa

One of the top reasons that many people visit should and do visit Odessa is the chance to visit Odessa yards. Even though the city is famous because of its main sights like the Opera and the Potemkin stairs, there are many people in Odessa who believe that its soul resides in the small snug courtyards. The beauty of these yards is that they are hidden from the eyes of the people in arches between buildings that look innocuous. However, when you step inside them, you will simply be fascinated by their raw and authentic charm. The wooden window frames, fluffy cats, old benches, the wash hanging on lines and the vintage cars; all of them will make you feel at home and cozy. If you want to sense the true spirit of the city, you should certainly visit the small city yards. They are a great place to rest and have a relaxing and nice conversation with the friendly locals.

  • Night life

Those who love a rich nightlife will definitely be drawn to the city because Odessa is full of many good discos, night clubs and bars. One of the best things about the nightlife facilities in Odessa is that they are located in the open air directly on the coast and they are open in the holiday season. Some of the most popular clubs that are worth visiting are IBIZA and ITAKA, which can be found on the beach of Arcadia. There are different fashion shows and various parties that are held here, along with concerts of European and Ukrainian stars of show business.

  • Summer festivals

There are dozens of international festivals that are held in Odessa every year and they are attended by world-known leaders of art and culture. If you enjoy attending different festivals, you should visit Odessa in the summer as there are plenty of such events organized routinely and you can have an amazing time.

  • Friendly and humorous people

The sense of humor and friendliness of the people of Odessa is quite well-known and it is reflected in a number of funny songs, stories and jokes. The best thing about the citizens of Odessa is that they are always looking at the positive side of things and don’t believe in creating unnecessary drama. If you are doubtful, then it should be noted that every year on April 1st, a festival of humor and satire called Humorina, is held in Odessa. It is not possible for such a festival to be held in a place where people don’t have an accommodating and friendly nature. It is very easy to make friends in Odessa and enjoy some good laughs with the people. The dwellers are friendly and open-minded and they are happy to meet and great newcomers.

You can enjoy your time in Odessa exploring the architecture and natural beaty while communicating with the locals.