Odessa Tourism: What Makes Odessa One of the Best Ukrainian Cities

November 14 2019

Odessa Tourism

Established at the end of the 18th century by Imperial decree, Odessa is referred to as the summer capital of Ukraine. The city flourished quickly as an important port on the Black Sea. In fact, it became the most populous city in Ukraine by the end of the 19th century and was inhabited by some of the titans of that time, such as Field Marshall Vorontsov, who made a name for himself in the Napoleonic Wars, and Alexander Pushkin. These days, Odessa has become the favorite holiday destination in Ukraine due to its mild climate, its variety of beaches and unique culture.

In addition, a lot of the architecture from the city’s golden age has endured and can be seen at boulevards, cultured parks, a spellbinding opera house and ceremonial stairways. They are considered the finest in Europe and draw a lot of attention from locals and tourists alike. Odessa tourism is booming and has increased rapidly in the last few years, all for good reason. What are these reasons? Let’s take a look:

Odessa Weather

The climate of Odessa is soft and warm in the summer and one of the biggest reasons why tourists all over the world enjoy visiting this Ukrainian city. The climate is actually temperate-marine and has subtropical features, which means it experiences a mild winter, a warm autumn, a relatively long spring and often hot summers. The city is situated on the coast of the Odessa Gulf of the infamous Black Sea. However, the main part of Odessa, along with its historical center, is situated on the plain. Odessa’s location has enabled it to be open to all winds and from every direction. Thus, the general weather in the city is quite nice, which is exactly what tourists are looking for when planning their vacations.

Odessa Affordability

Even though the prices in Odessa are almost at the same level as that of the country’s capital, Kiev, the cost is affordable for foreigners. As a matter of fact, the cost of traveling to and staying in Odessa is quite reasonable, due to which a number of tourists opt for city than anywhere else. Everything seems cheap to visitors and so they have a good time exploring what the city has to offer.

Odessa Hotels

As Odessa is a popular tourist destination and people from all over the world enjoy visiting, you can easily find a large number of hotels in the city. In fact, there are thousands of places to live and this means that you have the freedom of choosing any type of accommodation. You can choose between luxury and standard, cheap and expensive and close to the sea or in the center of the city. Hotels can be booked in advance and they offer a number of facilities and amenities that can make the stay enjoyable for tourists.

Some of the top hotels they can consider include NEMO hotel, Bristol Hotel, M1 Club Hotel, Continental Business Hotel, Hotel De Paris, Panorama de Luxe and many more. These can offer you spas, swimming pools, conference rooms, restaurants and plenty more. Your stay can be a memorable one, thanks to the availability of so many hotels in Odessa.  

Odessa Nightlife

Another reason that has made Odessa famous is the nightlife the city has to offer. This Ukrainian city never sleeps- every single night throughout the year Odessa dances and has fun. It offers a variety of entertainment options for any preferences and budgets. Tourists who want to have a true experience of dance clubs and nightlife visit Odessa because it has plenty to offer on this end. There are numerous clubs that are spread all over Odessa, such as Ministerium, Park Residence, Red Line, CoCo, Mantra and Caleton. The clubs are open till morning and you can enjoy an excellent atmosphere round the clock. There are also some men’s clubs that you can visit like Oscar, Office, Offline and 4Play.

Odessa Beaches

As mentioned earlier, Odessa was first established as a port on the Black Sea, which means it has some of the most beautiful and amazing beaches to offer. A large number of tourists are drawn to this city for its picturesque beaches and sights. They are a great place to rest 24/7 throughout the year, thanks to the moderate climate. Tourists can find various beaches that provide free access to the sea, but you may have to pay for some privileges and amenities. Some of the most popular places among tourists include Dolphin, Arcadia and Langeron.

Odessa Restaurants

Another highlight of Odessa is the city’s food culture, which makes it the best destination for foodies all around the globe. You can find a wide array of foods in the city, which has made it a hotspot for many tourists. There are diverse and unique restaurants that can be found in different corners of Odessa and they give tourists the opportunity to try out some delicious dishes hailing from different cultures. You can find international as well as local brands of kiosks, cafes and restaurants lining the streets.

You can find traditional Ukrainian kitchens, European cuisine, Kosher food, American-style fast food and lots more. You can find everything from fine dining to budget meals to quick snacks. In fact, packaged meals are also available that you can take home with you easily. Odessa has mouthwatering and mesmerizing flavors to offer that appeal to all kinds of taste buds. Some of the top restaurants that you can try are Benedikt, Rav Arkadia, Terrace Sea View, Dizyngoff, Reef, Sababa and Sabaneev.

Traveling around Odessa is also incredibly easy as there are multiple options that you can use to get around the city. Sightseeing tours are also organized for tourists to help them visit the historical sites and learn more about the city’s culture and background. There are some great activities that families can also enjoy together. It is also a wonderful spot for extreme vacation as there are many activities to try like bungee jumping, rock climbing and more. All these reasons have contributed to the increase in tourism in Odessa.

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