Langeron Beach, Odessa Ukraine

July 5 2019

Odessa is an incredibly picturesque sea city: there are a huge number of stunning beaches and promenades. The promenade of Langeron beach is one of the most famous and popular among tourists and residents of the city. It is named after Count Alexander Langeron, Governor-General of New Russia who had a summer residence on this territory.

Nowadays, only the archway at the entrance resembles it. Today Langeron is a place where people come for a walk with the whole family, visit the dolphinarium or have a nice dinner in one of the picturesque restaurants overlooking the sea.

There is a whole square with fountains where children and other people are very willing to play. You can also take beautiful photos to commemorate the journey to our beautiful Odessa, which is always waiting for new meetings with you, our dear guests.

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