Family Rest in Odessa Ukraine

September 15 2019

Everyone who has ever planned a trip thinks about what he will do in a particular vacation spot. Arriving in Odessa with the whole family, you will realize that this is an ideal city for a family vacation. You can not only enjoy the beaches and the sea, lying on a deck chair, but also experience all the charms of boat trips on a yacht, riding jet skis and various water attractions, and all this without departing from that very beach.

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Your children will really like the water parks, there are two in Odessa: while the children enjoy riding the slides, you can enjoy delicious invigorating cocktails at the bar right in the pool or jacuzzi. Visit the dolphinarium – it is an aesthetic and moral pleasure for all family members.

Odessa streets are full of a wide variety of restaurants where you can try not only local cuisine, but also cuisines from all around the world. After a delicious dinner, you can always enjoy sightseeing tours on small electric buses that run through all the most interesting places in the city. It is worth visiting the opera house, you don’t need to go to some performance or concert, you can go on a tour like any museum.

By the way, there are a lot of museums in the city and it is also worth a look. So if you still decide to rest in Odessa – you know you will make the right choice in the direction of a diverse family vacation.

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