Criminal Odessa

August 19 2019

People say that Odessa is not only a cultural capital, but a criminal one. There is some truth about this statement. It was here when contraband culture was developed at the highest level. In the days of Porto Franco, the inhabitants of the city managed to smuggle a huge amount of imported goods into the city, bypassing customs, thus saving a lot of money without paying customs duties. They say that a bottle of wine from Italy could be sold with an extra charge of over two hundred percent.

Most of the so-called “contrabands” fell into the city through the catacombs, where a whole system of tunnels was developed specifically for the transfer of goods from the port. Moishe-Yakov Vinnitsky, better known as Mishka Yaponchik, was at the head of this entire “organization”, and we will not forget about the well-known Sonya Golden Handle, which has become famous throughout Russia as one of the greatest gangsters of all time.

Odessa has a whole museum dedicated to smuggling; it is located in the very center of the city on Ekaterinenskaya Street, so we are waiting for everyone to learn about the criminal past of our city in Odessa, where you can not only listen, but also see how it all happened in reality.

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