Coronavirus Ukraine – Entry and Exit Requirements

September 9 2020

The situation with coronavirus in Odessa is stable. All citizens wear masks, use antiseptics, and actively follow their health. Odesa has one of the best indicators throughout Ukraine. Shopping centers, restaurants, resorts, cinemas, theaters work. There are no restrictions, tourists are free to move around the city.

Yes, the situation in the city is not the easiest, but it does not prevent tourists from resting. Tourists must adhere to generally accepted rules – to be in the room in masks, use antiseptics, and monitor their health. These rules do not interfere with rest, especially since they have become a common part of daily life.

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Adaptive quarantine rules have been applied in Ukraine. According to these rules, Ukraine is divided into 4 zones. The safest zone is green, the most dangerous zone is red. In general, Ukraine has a very low morbidity rate. It is unlikely that the epidemic situation in Ukraine will be the same as in European countries.

All institutions in Odessa work according to sanitary norms. The facilities are constantly disinfected, and employees wear masks and gloves. The management of all the institutions closely monitors compliance with the standards required by the government. Why? Because institutions can be fined for failure to comply with them. Very interesting are the stag party tour. They are very unusual and remarkable.

Rules of adaptive quarantine in Ukraine

Depending on the epidemiological situation, all regions are divided into several zones: green, yellow, orange, and red according to the level of epidemic danger of COVID-19 proliferation.


The green zone allows:

– stay in public buildings wearing masks or respirators;

– holding public events: no more than 1 person per 5 square meters;

– movie theaters with a 50% occupancy rate

– transportation of passengers only within the seating areas.


Yellow zone (+ restrictions green), not allowed:

– visiting social security institutions, where there are elderly people, except those who provide services in crisis.


Orange zone (+ restrictions of yellow), is forbidden:

– the activity of accommodation facilities (hostels, tourist bases, etc.), except hotels;

– the activity of entertainment facilities, restaurants at night;

– planned hospitalizations in hospitals;

– gyms, fitness centers, cultural institutions;

– acceptance of new changes in children’s camps;

– restrictions for public events: 1 person per 20 square meters and not more than 100 people.


Red zone (+ restrictions on orange), prohibited:

– public transport operation;

– attendance of educational institutions;

– activities of shopping malls, cafes, and restaurants.

Border crossing: from “green zone” countries – only insurance policy is needed. For countries with “red zone” – you need a policy + self-insulation for 14 days or a COVID19-test.

Ukraine travel advice

Ukraine lifted a temporary ban on foreign nationals, which was imposed in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. Now foreigners and stateless persons will be able to come to Ukraine if they have legal grounds established by the law “On border control” and if they observe sanitary and epidemiological norms.

Besides, according to the decree, coming foreigners must have a valid insurance policy covering the expenses for treatment in Ukraine. At the same time, those coming from countries with “widespread coronavirus infection” must be placed under observation (medical supervision). An exception will be made for citizens of these countries who have not been in their homeland in the last 14 days, as well as for a group of persons.

In particular, the examination will not be necessary for the employees of diplomatic missions and consular offices of foreign countries, employees of international missions, organizations accredited in Ukraine and their families, as well as drivers and crew members of cargo vehicles, air, and sea, river vessels.

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