Criminal Odessa

August 19 2019

People say that Odessa is not only a cultural capital, but a criminal one. There is some truth about this statement. It was here when contraband culture was developed at the highest level. In the days of Porto Franco, the inhabitants of the city managed to smuggle a huge amount of imported goods into the […]

Langeron Beach

August 19 2019

Odessa is an incredibly picturesque sea city: there are a huge number of stunning beaches and promenades. The promenade of Langeron beach is one of the most famous and popular among tourists and residents of the city. It is named after Count Alexander Langeron, Governor-General of New Russia who had a summer residence on this […]

Welcome to Odessa

August 10 2019

Odessa is quite a young city with a great history. In 1794, by order of the Great Empress Catherine II, the construction of the port was started.Since the city was built as a merchant, a lot of people from all over the empire flowed here, and therefore a lot of nationalities gathered, hence the rich […]

The Port

August 9 2019

The Odessa port or, as it is often called the Sea Station, can rightly be called the starting point in the construction of our city. The history of the port begins on the same day as the history of Odessa itself – September 2, the day when the first two piles for future jetties were […]

The Arcadia

August 9 2019

One of the most interesting places for holidaymakers in Odessa is Arcadia. Here are the best nightclubs of the city, excellent restaurants with the most varied cuisine, water park, attractions and, of course, picturesque beaches, which offer views of the beautiful area of ​​the city. Arcadia is the official tourist center almost from the moment […]

Deribasovskaya Street

August 9 2019

The first thing that come to people mind when hearing about Odessa is Deribasovskaya Street. The street was mentioned more than once in popular songs about Odessa,was shot in the cinema many times and, of course, was glorified in various literature. This street really deserves so much attention,because it is famous not only for its […]