Catacombs, Odessa Ukraine

October 12 2019

Odessa catacombs – a large underground labyrinth located under Odessa and its environs. Most of the catacombs are former quarries in which shell rock was mined for the construction of Odessa.

In 1998, the length of the Odessa catacombs was estimated at approximately 2.5 thousand km. During the Great Patriotic War, partisan detachments were based there.

Now there is a memorial complex in the catacombs specifically on this topic, a museum is equipped there directly underground. But there are so-called wild catacombs where extreme people like to go, because there is no light, no water, no connection with the outside world, all hope is exclusively on an experienced guide and iron nerves.

Odessa Ukraine catacombs are unique in their kind, as they are located right under the city, so when you walk around the old districts, remember that there is emptiness beneath you…

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