Black Sea Coast: Is Odessa Ukraine The Best Black Sea Coast Destination?

November 26 2019

Black Sea Coast

Located between Asia Minor in the south and the East European massif in the north is the Black Sea, which is connected to the Atlantic Ocean by a number of traits and the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. It is divided among Ukraine, Georgia, Turkey, the Russian Federation, Romania and Bulgaria. As a matter of fact, Black Sea is Ukraine’s only natural boundary and it connects the country to the world. Since ancient times, the Black Sea brought about political, cultural and economic influences from the south to Ukraine. Today, it is one of the favorite destinations of tourists from all over the world.

In fact, the Black Sea Coast has become a popular tourist spot for people residing in Eastern European countries because it gives them the opportunity to enjoy glorious beaches and great weather without having to spend vats of money on a vacation. Some of the people who visit the Black Sea coast are also people who lived in former Soviet nations. They grew up near the coast so traveling there is a habit for them. The rest places that are either fully or half-paid by the government are open to all working people who belong to countries of the former Soviet Union.

The Black Sea Coast Ukraine also gets a lot of traffic because of its accessibility. As mentioned above, it shares a border with several other countries belonging to the former Soviet Union, such as Bulgaria, Romania, Russia, Turkey and Georgia, which makes it easy for people to travel there. The longest sea shore eventually meets the Turkish side of the Black Sea. The Turkish part of the Black Sea Coast also has a high tourism rate, which is mostly due to the excellent marketing campaigns conducted by travel marketers. A number of European travelers choose the Turkish Black Sea Coast because it is a common maritime route, but this is not the only reason.

This area of the Black Sea Coast also keeps the cost low for those visiting from European countries like Germany. The vibrant seaside towns, empty beaches and the craggy beauty is also a strong lure. As far as the Georgian Black Sea Shore Coast is concerned, it has gained a lot of popularity for its naturally rocky and beautiful landscape. The rocks are massive and seem to appear out of the sea, which gives them an unearthly appearance. As per statistics, this rocky beach is about 20 meters long and boasts a series of mountains that begin just where the beach ends.

It is a great place for setting up camp, finding a cave and having a great time with family and friends. If you are looking for an outdoor vacation, it is a splendid place to be as you can gather starfishes, hunt crabs and fish and climb the mountains. As for the Bulgarian and Romanian coastlines of the Black Sea, they target the European market for bringing in tourists. As compared to the Romanian shores, the Bulgarian coast seems to be a lot better equipped and it is also quite cost effective. In contrast, the Romanian part of the coast will cost a bit more so it is more suited to those with a big budget.

Nonetheless, traveling to one or both of these coastlines of the Black Sea can be fun and a memorable vacation. Moving onto the Russian part of the Black Sea Coast, you will find it filled with holiday homes and pensions that were constructed during the Soviet time for facilitating the members of the Soviet Party. Some of these construction were heavily damaged significantly, but others were sold to companies or private individuals who transformed them into rest houses that could be used for rental purposes.

But, if you are looking for something marvelous, you will find it at the Black Sea Coast Ukraine. It is divided into two areas; the first is the mesmerizing seashores of Odessa and other neighboring cities where you can enjoy sandy beaches, high temperatures and fun activities for tourists. The second part of this coastline is the Crimea Semi Island, which boasts its share of sandy and rocky beaches with lots of holiday homes and pensions going back to soviet time that have been well-maintained. The climatic conditions of this part are different from Odessa, as is the flora and fauna.

As a matter of fact, the Black Sea Coast area in the Crimea Semi Island is one of the top tourist destinations in the world and is Soviet Union’s most privileged sea shores. The beaches are naturally beautiful and people from different countries love spending time there. But, if you are searching for the best city to give you a truly rich experience of the Black Sea Coast, you will not find it anywhere else other than Odessa. It is the country’s largest city and also boasts the Black Sea Port that was built in the 18th century.

It is known as the summer destination of Ukraine because of the string of sandy and glorious beaches that tourists can enjoy. It is enhancing the infrastructure to make it a more attractive destination for tourists by diversifying the food scene and introducing new activities. The city started as a port and still holds the privilege of being a free economic zone and free port. You will come across plenty of European immigrants in the city and will see a mix of different cultures, which is refreshing and unique. This city that’s located on the Black Sea Coast Ukraine provides you with mansions to explore and the architecture is downright spectacular.

If that’s not enough, you can also find some beautiful and luxurious hotels and other accommodations on the Black Sea Coast Ukraine. You can find suitable accommodation in a very reasonable price and it gets you a stay near the Black Sea Coast, allowing you to enjoy panoramic views every single day. Tourists can also enjoy some other adventures and activities that can make their trip to the Black Sea Coast Ukraine a memorable and fun one.

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